Workout from the Soul Out

V.I.B.E method™️

You recognize you have to change your consciousness + your fitness 

Resolve pain:


You know what to do, you just don't have the energy for it.  You don't need a diet, or a fitness plan, you just need to tap into your internal motivation.

  • STUCK in vicious cycles of 30, 60, 90 day fads/diets 

You need help finding the unique key to get you unstuck + unlock freedom!

  • BORED with or HATE exercise

You need a new vision + a help finding your internal motivation to engage your wellness practices, in a way that brings you joy, and builds momentum! 


You need structured support + a safe approach you can trust that is customized to your needs, whether it's after an injury, post-surgery, or the bridge you need to transition from physical therapy to functional fitness.

  • CHRONIC back pain

You're ready to say goodbye to chronic back pain, and need to learn the 1 thing that will make all the difference. I'm here for you, and got your back!

  • Overtraining + Burn-out: 

If you have a tendency to push yourself too hard, too fast, too long, and you keep hitting a plateau or get injured, we can help you engage your body with harmony that lasts!

Your pain is a pathway for a new beginning!

A new way of being in harmony with fitness

  • Ease
  • Freedom
  • Emotional wisdom
  • Energetic + creative
  • Embrace a new look
  • Eliminate chronic pain
  • Experience core stability
  • Empower self-responsibility
  • Entrain an evolutionary ego
  • Embody a new Consciousness
  • Have the key to sustainability + fluidity 
  • Become a shining example of love to inspire others!

STAY INSPIRED! Coach Elaine is an inspirational catalyst, helping you take inspired action to experience the goals you desire!

We transform undesired states of being with fierce love & courage, going deep into the landscape of the mental, emotional and physical faculties to learn and grow into the fullness of our human body + creative potential.