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Not only did I learn how to take a decade of chronic pain & turn it into a life of purpose, I use empathy to meet you where you are.

Elaine's story

From the age of 5, my parents threw me into sports to "burn off" my immense energy.  A competitive environment quickly created my conditioning; both physically & psychologically.  

I earned a full ride scholarship to play basketball in college, and then, I experienced a major injury that crushed my dream of playing in the WNBA.  

Shockingly, my back injury did not happen on the court, it happened in the shower!  Although I was 19, I went from being one of the best athletes on the court, to feeling like a 100 year old person who can't stand up or walk on their own.  I'll never forget the shock that threw me into questioning my identity, my physical ability, and my life purpose! 

This pain led me on my healer's journey... 

Healer's journey

Determined to heal, I surrendered to let my pain become my teacher. For 12 years, I engaged in an intimate relationship with chronic pain, seeking answers to the following questions: 

How did this injury happen? (I thought I was in the best shape of my life)? 

What kind of joy & purpose can I create in my life, now that my favorite activity is no longer safe to perform in my body?  

Will I feel safe being active in my body again? 

What does it mean to become resilient with a chronic condition?

What can I do to live a higher quality of life and restore a level of freedom in my body to enjoy being active, and have the wisdom to prevent injury? 

After graduating from college, I went into the Jesuit Volunteer Corps & worked at a legal agency in San Francisco, California.  I grew to love San Francisco for the health & fitness vibe. So, I sought opportunities to stay in SF after my service ended with JVC.  

I chose my first job to be at Presidio Sport & Medicine where I learned from physical therapy how to support healing of chronic back pain. I explored classes in yoga, pilates, and studied to become a Master Personal Trainer, a Certified Massage Therapist, a Reiki1 Practitioner & a Nutrition Consultant. 

My passion for sports led me back to school, and I received a Masters degree in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco.  While earning my masters degree, I also led outdoor bootcamp fitness classes, worked full-time as the Personal Assistant to Michael Johnson (3-time Olympic Gold Medallist), and worked as a personal trainer for private clients. 

Once I received my graduate degree, I became the Health & Fitness Manager for OnLok Senior Services, and the new Owner of Workout on the Hill.  I wasn't aware of my workaholism, until my body reached a 'burn-out' stage that I could not ignore. The stress I placed on my body to perform three(3) jobs, and maintain my lifestyle in San Francisco, led to a worsening of my back pain which caused numbness on the left side of my body for 3 months & eight doctors saying I needed emergency surgery.  


Facing emergency surgery, I decided, I will do whatever it takes to give my body the chance to heal. 

My ego had to surrender, so I could align with the wisdom of my body. 

I was desperate to overcome feelings of despair, shame, disappointment, losing my identity of who I was without the injury, even physical disability caused by cauda equina syndrome & severe disc derangement.  The biggest blow to my ego, was going on disabilty and slowing my pace at work. 

I channeled my energy into learning, and signed up for "Holistic Lifestyle Coach" (level 1) at the CHEK Institute, and it changed my life!  I eliminated gluten, soy & dairy.  The results were immediate --my pain reduced significantly and the numbness in my leg dissipated.  When I met the neurosurgeon who was assigned to do my surgery, he saw me standing up, smiling, and said, "if you were my daughter, I would not do surgery".  This was all I needed to stay on track with my new lifestyle + nutrition changes, to prevent emergency back surgery!  

Over the next 5 months, I worked with an integrative Chiropractor, received cranial-sacral massage, acupuncture, feldenkrais, applied somatic exercises and tai chi.  I cooked mostly organic, non-gmo meals at home, using local/seasonal foods, and when I did "eat out" I chose organic/non-gmo restaurants as much as possible.  I eliminated my daily coffee routine for 1year and noticed a significant improvement. Thankfully, I avoided emergency surgery and created a new path of conscious, sustainable health & fitness habits for life.  And, I can honestly say, "I turned a setback into a six-pack", because after I learned I would not need surgery, I trained for a bikini competition!

Would you like to turn your setback into a six pack? or into your new super power for life?

Ongoing Education:

Corrective, Holistic, Exercise Kinesiology: (CHEK) level 2 practitioner: specializing in spinal pathologies, postural strength & core stability

ELDOA level 3 practitioner: exercises for spinal health

Neuro-transformational Life Coach: helping you breakthrough limiting beliefs, so you can embody optimal behavior to reach your goals.

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach level 3: Supporting nutritional & lifestyle changes, in additoin to psycho-spiritual influences, so you can heal faster

Usui Reiki practitioner, level 2: distance healing in consciousness

Licensed Spiritual Counselor, RScP: evolving consciousness through the mind + body connection


  • M.A. Master's Degree in Sports Management
  • BA. Business Communication
  • Certified Massage Therapist, SFSM
  • Senior Fitness Instructor Level 2, ASFA
  • Master Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant, NPTI
  • Master Trainer, Stanford's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program